Photos by Julie Forbes.

I’m a walker. For years during my daily perambulations, I encountered various species of others’ leavings -- trash mostly. It failed to speak to me until a broken boom box destined for a methane-spewing landfill leapt upon my imagination. It became my first in a series of 3-D wall pieces, Electronic Viscera. Street pickings became art and thus took a slice off that moldering mountain of junk.

Most of that time passed immersed in several creative fields. Learning as I earned, I started in graphics (using my design degree from North Carolina State University), then charged into fashion design, textile art, photo styling and theatrical design.

For years, my art was created in stolen moments. Yet I knew I needed more. What some saw as trash, I call a fine collection of Obsolete. My bike-riding kids race in and say, “Come quick! They‘ve upgraded their devices on the other side of the park.” I trundle the stuff home and then spark the world’s effluvia with a visual charge. The result: torn-down, built-up redemption for future lost artifacts.